Showreel 2013

It seems that every year when January rolls around, showreels start coming out left, right and centre. Not that that's a bad thing - in fact, it was rather inspiring. We could reflect on the projects we knocked over in 2012 (and even before hand). Work that had been since forgotten gets dug up and revisited. It's a great time for reflection and a great point to move forward from.

We love sharing our work with you, and can honestly say this showreel contains some of our proudest moments over the past few years. Thanks to all the wonderful people that worked on each project and of course the cast, clients, bands, promoters and more that asked us to do the work!

Here's to another stellar year!

Chris & Josh Finale

Ladies and Gentlemen, Chris & Josh season 1 has reached it's end. It's been a huge undertaking, and one that would not have been possible without the help of heaps of people. Thanks to the cast, the crew and all the fans who've supported the show - it means a lot that this little webseries that started from such humble beginnings has gone on to reach and entertain so many people.

Here is the finale - our final episode for 2012! We've definitely ended with the biggest bang we could muster. Thanks once again for the support, and we'll see you next year for season 2!

Death Audio - Fallen Souls (Music Video)

Fallen Souls was released this past week along with Death Audio's album launch. The reaction to it so far has been overwhelmingly positive too. We won't talk about it any further, you can just see it below and make up your own mind!

Director - Matthew Smolen

Director Of Photography - Shaun Herbertson

Editor - Dave Cleeve

Colourist - Simon Holt

Shot on Sony FS700, Canon 5Dmk3, Canon 5Dmk2

Produced by Matthew Smolen, Balloon Tree Productions

Music videos at opposite ends of the spectrum!

As usual, we've been hard at work doing all sorts of crazy things. And now that we're reaching the end of November/early December, things are starting to wrap up and shipped out to you out there! We'll have more on some other projects soon but for now we thought we'd share our current crop of music video news!

Death Audio and crew!

First up Death Audio. Sounds scary, but these guys are some of the nicest blokes in metal - even though they probably don't want us to tell you that. We shot a clip for them back in late October, while everyone was busy shooting te 48 Hour Film Festival. So it was a busy weekend for filmmaking!

It's releasing this Friday and their album is hitting stores (both physically and online) on Saturday - we'll post the video, so make sure you check it out! The the left is a picture of the band and crew. Directed by yours truly and shot by Shaun Herbertson and Dave Cleeve, this bad boy is one insane music video.

Houndsteeth and crew!

Next up we have Houndsteeth - an indie/alternative/grunge band who have just hit the scene, and the ground running with their first single and video. With the creative juice flowing we brainstormed an idea that we think you'll love.

Part quirky, part kooky and part insanity - it's all part of the fun. Again, big thanks to Shaun Herbertson for shooting this one (solo too!) and directed by myself once more. We can't wait to share it! It's full of surprises!

These videos will be releasing in the coming weeks so stay tuned for their impending releases!

Until then, happy viewing!



It's been far too long between updates, but as usual it's due to the crazy amount of work we've been doing! We've been overseas to Paris/Monaco with Microsoft, Jb HiFi and Asus, worked with Specsavers and Alex Perry, Officeworks PLUS we launched a web series Chris & Josh! So there's plenty to be excited about. We're also expanding and getting a few new shooters and editors involved in projects too. So below, to quickly get you up to speed, is the highlights/sizzle reel from the unbelievable trip to Europe and the first episode of Chris & Josh.

We'll endeavour to keep you more up to date on what's happening, or you can become fans of us on Facebook and stay in touch there!


Driveby Epic - Something Fictional (Music Video)

It's been a very busy time for us. So busy in fact that we awarded our free music video about 5 or 6 months ago and have only just released it! Driveby Epic were the winners and by golly can they rock. Check out their latest single Something Fictional below, and after the embed, follow links to hear more of their stuff!

Special thanks to Ted Adair and Scott Burgess for helping to shoot it, and Ernest Studios ( for the rad location.

Hear more from Driveby Epic here -

Hope you enjoy it!


February Facts!

It has been a very busy time for Balloon Tree Productions. It was October since we posted something here and since then we’ve been hard at work producing some great work!

The big thing for us has been The List. We had our second block of shooting in the middle of October and the preview screening on the 1st of February this year. So many people put their time, effort and lives into making this the best it could be – and we’re immensely proud of what we have to show. The screening went down a treat and now we get to focus on procuring some funding to finish the film off! Here’s a link to the trailer:


We’ve also started working really closely with actors in shooting scenes specifically for showreels. It’s not always easy to get a role that shows your diversity – especially if you’re playing against type, so shooting scenes specifically for that reason makes so much sense! I don’t know why more people aren’t doing it! Check out one of Josh Futcher’s scenes here.


There’s plenty still on the horizon, and we’re going to endeavour to keep this updated as much as possible. If not, it means we’re working hard so don’t worry about us too much! In the meantime, we updated our showreel - so check it out and let us know what you think!

What's that in the shadows? A panda?

It's not often you get to film a guy in a panda suit. Or in an abandoned bowling alley. But we got to do both as part of Dark Electric's latest (and first ever!) music video for the track Shadows. It's a bit different from the usual affair - but that's what makes it so cool!

So check it out, and if you're so inclined, jump on to his website (listed below too) to grab the single and support some local talent!

Simon Astley - Sunlight

As mentioned a few days ago, we've been working hard on Simon Astley's latest film clip for the single "Sunlight". We're please to announce it's viewable right here!

We'd love to hear your thoughts on the track and the video! Big thanks to Simon and Anita for their patience during the shoot, Shaun Herbertson for some mad camera skills, as well as the lovely (and spectacular) Thornbury Theatre and Anthony Cincotta for his assistance on the day.

Month of Music

Howdy folks,

Just wanted to drop a quick update about the happenings around town - it's been musically crazy this last month and we've had a ton of projects that have revolved around music!

Firstly, we shot a music video for the super talented, Melbourne-local Simon Astley for his song Sunlight. We're hard at work cutting it together, and it has come up a treat. Very classy as it was shot at The Thornbury Theatre (complete with Grand Piano and candles). We'll let you know when it's up.

We also got to shoot the EP launch for our good pal Chris O'Neill. We're cutting his whole set together, and the footage looks ace. 4 cameras, 2 GoPro and one helluva night. That will be a little while off before you can see that, but to tide you over, here's a pretty rad screen shot

Anyway, that's it for this update. It's been busy, but loads of fun. And we can't wait to show you all what we've been up to.

The List Party Scene! Extras Needed!

Hi everyone,

So as you may know, we’re currently making a low-budget, self-funded, independent feature film called The List! We’re organising this shoot in October and once this is completed, we’re editing the first 15 minutes of the film together to try and acquire funding and money to finish the film off.

The shoot is going to take place over 3 nights (Friday the 14th, Saturday the 15th and Sunday the 16th of October) and is a big party scene. We need as many people to be extras as possible and you’re help will be extremely appreciated.

Because the party is all one event, but taking place over three nights shooting, it’s ESSENTIAL that you are able to make all the nights. Again, we realise this is a huge commitment but here’s what you’ll get out of it:

- FOOD! We’ll feed and hydrate you over the three nights
- You will see yourself on the big screen at the screening of the first 15 minutes at the end of the year
- FUN! Plus who knows? You might make some new friends?
- Our everlasting thanks, hugs and kisses
So please, if you are interested and want to help out and CAN do all three nights, email and we’ll send you details.

Here's the facebook event for the shoot - share it around! And hit attending!

Also, if you know anyone that might be interested please pass this on, as it’s the more the merrier. Any questions, let us know


The List Production Team

Music Video Winners!

Our free music video competition finished on Friday the 12th of August, and it was incredible to see (or mainly hear) the fantastic submissions we had.

As is usual with competitions, we had an extremely tough time picking our winner, but it's with great pleasure we have awarded Driveby Epic a free music clip for their song "Damage Report". The boys are launching their second EP this Saturday (the 20th of August) at the Empress Hotel in Fitzroy North so make sure you go check them out!

A big thanks to all the talented artists who submitted their work, we were blown away by the quality of the tracks and can only wish you the best of luck in the future!

WIN A FREE MUSIC VIDEO! Find out more...

We're running a little bit of a competition and we want YOU to enter. I'll keep this short and sweet, because all the info can be found right here!

If you want a FREE music video, then what are you doing still reading this!? Click the link!

Our first music video for Snowy Belfast!

It's been a very busy couple of months. With "The List" finally getting underway, a few corporate projects and much, much more happening, it's a wonder we managed to get time to put this together!

But here it is - our very first official music video for the extremely talented and amazing Snowy Belfast. This is the first single from their newly released EP entitled "Cry No More".

Take a look, let us know what you think! And stay tuned! Plenty more cool stuff to come in the future!

The List - Teaser Trailer Online

We have finally started production on "The List". It has been a long time coming, but I can safely say it has been a raging success. Over two days we were graced with beautiful sunny days and a schedule that, while jam packed, was all ticked off and achieved.

I won't say much more, for fear of revealing any spoilers, but I will leave you with this: our first teaser trailer. Very simple, but it gives you an idea of the characters you're going to follow through the film. Enjoy!


The List Fundraiser and Screenings

It is an exciting time at Balloon Tree Productions. We are proud to announce our latest project - The List!

It is a feature film written by Anthony Ross and Alexandros Karagiovanis and to be directed by Matthew Smolen.

So naturally we're having a fundraiser night.


The night starts at 7pm, but we suggest getting there around 6.30pm to have a few drinks before hand.

We'll have screenings of the following Balloon Tree Productions films:

- The Phenomenon
- Contract
- 24 Hour Filmmakers
- Bring Back Totem Tennis
- The Brothers Dim

Plus the FIRST EVER public screening of:

- The Zombie Survival Guide (a film by David Kelly and James Ballard)

PLUS the FIRST EVER screening of:

- "Blackwood" (A western shot on 16mm Film, by the Magnificent Five)

If that's not enough, there will also be a short Q&A with Anthony and Alexandros, along with Matthew Smolen.

Here is the Facebook Event. Come along, your support would be greatly appreciated!

Matt, Balloon Tree Productions

New photos from Camera Workshop and Melbourne

It's been a while since we've updated the stills gallery - but voila! It has been given not one, but TWO new albums!

The first is from the Kodak Cinematography Workshop led by Randall Tack (from Kodak Rochester). It was an informative day, beginning with a seminar on the benefits of the film format, followed by practical implementation of all that was learnt in the morning.

The second is a selection of shots from a Night In Melbourne. It was a beautiful night, and these shots are just a showcase of how picturesque Melbourne is.

So enjoy the stills - and let them tide you over until our next piece of news arrives (which - to tell a secret, is very, VERY soon).


Balloon Tree Productions

Honestly, you should watch this.

Hi all,

Last week, Joel Famularo (a long time collaborator with Balloon Tree Productions - see either "The Brothers Dim" or "Contract" in the video gallery) worked with Balloon Tree Productions to produce a short scene that he both wrote and directed.

Shot on the new Canon EOS 550D, here are the spectacular results.


Matt, Balloon Tree Productions

Bring Back Totem Tennis!!!

Hi all,

In case you didn't already know, Balloon Tree Productions welcomed a brand new Canon EOS 550D to the camera stable this week. So naturally, we had to welcome it to the family with a wacky camera test - and what better way, than to send out a public service announcement about everyone's favourite sport - TOTEM TENNIS.

So here it is, check it out and enjoy. And stay tuned for some more updates and what is coming up in the future!

Matt, Balloon Tree Productions