The List Fundraiser and Screenings

It is an exciting time at Balloon Tree Productions. We are proud to announce our latest project - The List!

It is a feature film written by Anthony Ross and Alexandros Karagiovanis and to be directed by Matthew Smolen.

So naturally we're having a fundraiser night.


The night starts at 7pm, but we suggest getting there around 6.30pm to have a few drinks before hand.

We'll have screenings of the following Balloon Tree Productions films:

- The Phenomenon
- Contract
- 24 Hour Filmmakers
- Bring Back Totem Tennis
- The Brothers Dim

Plus the FIRST EVER public screening of:

- The Zombie Survival Guide (a film by David Kelly and James Ballard)

PLUS the FIRST EVER screening of:

- "Blackwood" (A western shot on 16mm Film, by the Magnificent Five)

If that's not enough, there will also be a short Q&A with Anthony and Alexandros, along with Matthew Smolen.

Here is the Facebook Event. Come along, your support would be greatly appreciated!

Matt, Balloon Tree Productions