The List Party Scene! Extras Needed!

Hi everyone,

So as you may know, we’re currently making a low-budget, self-funded, independent feature film called The List! We’re organising this shoot in October and once this is completed, we’re editing the first 15 minutes of the film together to try and acquire funding and money to finish the film off.

The shoot is going to take place over 3 nights (Friday the 14th, Saturday the 15th and Sunday the 16th of October) and is a big party scene. We need as many people to be extras as possible and you’re help will be extremely appreciated.

Because the party is all one event, but taking place over three nights shooting, it’s ESSENTIAL that you are able to make all the nights. Again, we realise this is a huge commitment but here’s what you’ll get out of it:

- FOOD! We’ll feed and hydrate you over the three nights
- You will see yourself on the big screen at the screening of the first 15 minutes at the end of the year
- FUN! Plus who knows? You might make some new friends?
- Our everlasting thanks, hugs and kisses
So please, if you are interested and want to help out and CAN do all three nights, email and we’ll send you details.

Here's the facebook event for the shoot - share it around! And hit attending!

Also, if you know anyone that might be interested please pass this on, as it’s the more the merrier. Any questions, let us know


The List Production Team