Music videos at opposite ends of the spectrum!

As usual, we've been hard at work doing all sorts of crazy things. And now that we're reaching the end of November/early December, things are starting to wrap up and shipped out to you out there! We'll have more on some other projects soon but for now we thought we'd share our current crop of music video news!

Death Audio and crew!

First up Death Audio. Sounds scary, but these guys are some of the nicest blokes in metal - even though they probably don't want us to tell you that. We shot a clip for them back in late October, while everyone was busy shooting te 48 Hour Film Festival. So it was a busy weekend for filmmaking!

It's releasing this Friday and their album is hitting stores (both physically and online) on Saturday - we'll post the video, so make sure you check it out! The the left is a picture of the band and crew. Directed by yours truly and shot by Shaun Herbertson and Dave Cleeve, this bad boy is one insane music video.

Houndsteeth and crew!

Next up we have Houndsteeth - an indie/alternative/grunge band who have just hit the scene, and the ground running with their first single and video. With the creative juice flowing we brainstormed an idea that we think you'll love.

Part quirky, part kooky and part insanity - it's all part of the fun. Again, big thanks to Shaun Herbertson for shooting this one (solo too!) and directed by myself once more. We can't wait to share it! It's full of surprises!

These videos will be releasing in the coming weeks so stay tuned for their impending releases!

Until then, happy viewing!